When: May 19, 2023
Where: Naples, Italy
Organizers: University of Naples - Federico II, Italy
Participants: 66 participants

Topic: Promoting the culture of safety in process industries and environmental risk assessment among the engineers

The event summary: Within the event were presented the results of the project. A special attention was focused on the developed e-Books and on the e-learning platforms. The main aim of presenting the e-learning platforms (the existent EnvyJobs and Federica e-learning platforms) was to disseminate all teaching materials that could be adopted by university and higher education establishments to support professors/teaching staff in addressing workplace social inclusion, process and occupational safety, and environmental health issues. Specialists in the field explained to the audience the importance of training engineering students in each of the areas that are targeted in the project, making permanent connection with the results of the project.

Another aim of organizing the multiplier event was to create new opportunities to extend the project and to create partnerships for the future.

Event photos