Blended mobility Long-standing winter school in Naples at University of Naples Federico II, Naples,Italy

When: 25 November – 3 December 2022
Where: Naples, Italy
Organizers: Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Participants: 28 participants
Topic: Sustainable and Safety Engineering and Workplace Social Inclusion

The main aim of the blended mobility of higher education students targeted within the project was to provide to the participants specific knowledge developed within the project through modular learning. Besides the specific knowledge on sustainable and safety engineering and workplace social inclusion achieved by students across the winter school in Naples, students acquired transversal skills in the engineering area that are highly appreciated by prospective employers. Students were involved in lecture sessions, case study workshops and interactive sessions that provided to them up-to-date knowledge and the chance to exchange about their own ideas. Each partner university selected seven students to participate to the winter school, which was held in Naples.