When: May 16, 2023
Where: Malaga, Spain
Organizers: University of Malaga
Participants: 42 participants

Topic: Promoting the culture of safety in process industries and environmental risk assessment among the engineers

The event summary: The main objective of the event was to share the knowledge obtained with the project SafeEngine regarding the learning tools and the benefits of their use for enriching students' knowledge in environmental risk assessment and safety in process industries. Another objective achieved within the event was the sharing of the experiences gained during the online learning and the workshop organized in Malaga, Spain. Consequently, the video materials made by the other partners of the project together with the associated partners were also presented.

Another goal of the proposed multiplier event was the development of an interactive event to reflect on the issues and challenges of safety in process industries and environmental health.

Event Photos

Transnational Meeting

Event name

Main responsible No days No of the participants  Date of the event proposal/project


C1. Workshop on Workplace

Social Inclusion, Occupational Safety and Environmental Risk


P2 - ULBS 3 3 from CO-UPB

2 from P1- UMA

4 from P2- ULBS

3-5 June 2021

Sibiu, Romania

C2. Workshop on Environmental

Risk Assessment and Safety

in Process Industries

P1 - UMA

3 2 from CO-UPB

7 from P1- UMA

2 from P3- UNINA

May 2022 

Malaga, Spain

C3. Workshop: Safe, inclusive,

and accepting workplaces

built by our engineers


3 2 from CO-UPB

2 from P1- UMA

4 from P2- ULBS

October 2022 

Naples, Italy

C4. Long-standing summer

school in Naples:

Sustainable and Safety

Engineering and Workplace

Social Inclusion


7 7 from CO-UPB

7 from P1- UMA

7 from P2- ULBS

7 from P3- UNINA

June 2022 

Naples, Italy