When: May 3, 2023
Where: Sibiu, Romania
Organizers: Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
Participants: 130 participants

Topic: Promoting the culture of social inclusion in the workplace and of occupational safety among the engineers

The event summary: The main aim of the multiplier event was to share the experiences gained during the online learning and the short-term joint staff training organized in Romania, and the results obtained in the project. In the framework the event was presented and discussed the new methods and tools for engineering higher education sector to improve learning-outcomes-oriented curricula that better meet the learning needs of students, being at the same time relevant for the labour market and for the wider society. The main topics of the event were workplace social inclusion and occupational safety. The video materials made by CO-UPB and P2-ULBS together with the associated partners for the online learning were also presented (understanding via Case Studies). The event benefited from a keynote speech and different sessions dedicated to specific topics on learning among the engineers. The final aim was increasing their acceptance towards social inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and raising awareness of health and safety at workplace among them.

Event photos