Workshop: Workplace Social Inclusion, Occupational Safety and Environmental Risk Assessment

When: 2-4 June 2021
Where: Sibiu, Romania
Organizers: “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu
Participants: 22 local participants

The workshop event organized in Sibiu was carried out exclusively for professors from each University partner involved in the SafeEngine project. The aim of the event was to provide insights into three important topics that will be the object of knowledge transfer during the period of the project. This activity has ensured quality to our developing modules and a better understanding of the connections between each other. Moreover, this activity is considered being valuable, because it consists of using cross-disciplinary approaches and innovative education tools that support the acquisition of prospective transferable skills for the development of best practices, common standards and guidelines for designing and developing e-learning. Hereby, the topics discussed at the event: (1) Social Inclusion, (2) Occupational Safety and (3) Environmental Risk Assessment.

Through the event we intended to provide top quality knowledge transfer between each partner, as this will stand for further knowledge sharing to student participants and success of the SafeEngine project.


Workshop presentation videos