Workshop in Naples on: Safe, inclusive, and accepting workplaces built by our engineers

When: October 2022
Where: Naples, Italy
Organizers: Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Participants: 13 participants

The objective of the workshop is to enlarge vision on the health, safety and inclusion of the people with dissabilities in the workplace. The ideea of the following topic has arised due to lack of knowledge of the engineering students in this field while entering in the market labour. Thus, it is considered of a paramount importance to start with the proffesors of the corresponding partenrs and share the experience in this area of health, safety and social inclusion.

At the workshop, each participant will present briefly which modules and to what extent it will be implemented in their home Universities. Thus, the target group of this workshop will be professors from the partner universities who will include module from the developed course in the curricula of their university. All the participating professors will express their opinion on the useful points to be included in their courses and indicate the added value to their everyday teaching task during the project implementation