Workshop in Malaga on: Environmental Risk Assessment and Safety in Process Industries

When: October 2021
Where: Malaga, Spain
Organizers: Universidad de Malaga
Participants: 13 participants

The objective of the workshop organized in Malaga, Spain is to provide knowledge in the field of environmental risk assessment and safety process industries between the partners. It is considered, that these two major technical fields are not fully covered in ULBS and UMA Universities. Thus, professors from UPB and UNINA will organize workshop exclusively dedicated to professors, which will further promote the knowledge among students. The workshop will offer the possibility to test the innovative practices developed in the framework of SafeEngine project through innovative ICT technologies.

As well, the implementation of the workshop and innovative teaching methods, throughout the proposed short-term joint staff training events, will ensure the acquisition of prospective transferable skills between partners. The quality of the activities developed during the workshop will be carried out at the end of the workshop by using flipcharts, as illustrated in the first proposed workshop