Long Standing Summer School : Safe, inclusive, and accepting workplaces built by our engineers

When: June/ July 2022
Where: Naples, Italy
Organizers: Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Participants: 32 participants

The summer school will take place in Naples, Italy and will participate 7 students from each partner university together with an accompanying person. Totally will be 28 students and 4 accompanying persons. The target group of this workshop will be students from the partner universities. Duration of this activity is 7 days.

The summer school will be organized in the following manner: the first day will be dedicated to present summer school objectives, scope, the program, including students and training staff and the main themes considered in the summer school. The next three days there will be discussed all four educational themes developed across the project implementation. Day number four will presume transforming the theory into practice; the students will be involved in the development of different common works. In the day five and six, students will make their own presentations and will be organized different technical visits to public or private companies. Day number seven will be dedicated to the evaluation of the students and getting their feedback on the summer school.